Monday, October 10, 2011


I will edit:

How-to books
Blog entries
Short stories
And other similar media

Raederle's Rates

In all of the options below, $0.0025 per word (that is a quarter of a cent per word) may be added to see all of the edits made. This requires extra work to show before and after, but can be very gratifying and educational for the author. Or, for an additional $0.01 per word, full explanations of edits will be added to educate the author on how to become a better self-editor.

Proofreading/Light Edit: Ensures that your writing is free of errors in spelling, punctuation, consistency and formatting – and is grammatically correct. Also includes suggestions for clear phrasing and proper word choice. [Typically 2¢ per word]

Medium Copyedit: Includes all the tasks of the Light Edit plus fact checking and tips on reorganizing ideas to make the writing more effective. [Typically 2.5¢ per word]

Deep Copyedit: Includes all the tasks of the Medium Copyedit, as well as rewriting and reorganization of material to ensure effective communication. All edits that change the meaning implied are explicitly shown to author before the change is made. [Typically 3¢ per word]

Full Novels: I provide all of the editing services above plus feedback on pacing, flow, character development, plot, dialogue, and narrative voice.

I charge less than usual for full books, to make this affordable for new writers. However, if your book requires a lot of work, then may require even more than the Deep Copyedit. This is completely dependent on your current level of skill. If I really like the work, I may charge less because I find it very enjoyable to work on.

Send the first two chapters, or first seven pages and the total word count for your work to receive an estimate.